(BAppSc, PostGradDipPsych,MPsych,MAPS)

Clinical Psychologist

Member of APS College of Clinical Psychologists

Child, Adolescent, Adult, Couple & Family Therapist

Natasha Lakaev is a Clinical Psychologist. Natasha is a full  member of the Australian Psychological Society and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists. She is an approved government ATAPS  contractor, is on the APS Autism Spectrum Disorder provider register and is a Medicare approved Veteran Affairs clinician.  Natasha has a special interest in Personality Disorders and was trained in DBT by the Linehan team in the USA. She has had excellent results with this cohort.  


Natasha provides Psychology services for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults, as well as couple therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and court ordered therapy.  


Natasha has significant expertise in the areas of Personality Disorders, Anxiety, Depression and Stress (daily, long term and traumatic). She has worked within an inpatient psychiatric hospital setting, along with a community outpatient mental health clinic, within the public hospital system, as well as within a private clinical environment. Natasha is well known for achieving lasting results for clients with Complex Mental Health needs and Personality  Disordered individuals. Natasha has outstanding results with DOCS children and their carers, specializing in Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Developmental (Complex) PTSD, Childhood Anxiety and Depression. Natasha has also worked successfully with schools regarding undiagnosed Personality Disordered parents and the child’s resultant behaviour concerns.


Natasha has independently developed and validated an Academic Stress Response Scale (LASRS) which has been accepted around the world as one of the top five scales to assess academic stress.


Natasha has experienced over a number of years significant vilification in the social media, print newspapers and false complaints to various organisations. She also experienced ongoing workplace bullying and pressure to leave her employment as a result of the vilification in the social media and newspapers. This arose from persons that were not patients/clients of Natasha, however they spent many years vilifying her through all possible avenues. This group included unethical reporting by specific journalists and falsely established organisations designed to gain credibility for their various causes. Natasha achieved apologies and retractions from those that vilified her.


As a result of the experience with long term vilification Natasha has a very unique understanding of the approaches necessary to take under Civil and Administrative Law, and what is appropriate action within the internet to protect one’s professional status  within universities, private clinics, the public health system and with regard to registration within national accrediting bodies and AHPRA. She also has a deep and personal understanding of the tools necessary to manage the stress of being vilified and coping with the impact of this on all aspects of one’s personal, family, professional and academic life.


Natasha now uses these skills and experiences to provide help to others that have been vilified, to aid them in countering the experience by obtaining vindication so they can maintain or develop a quality of life on the other side of these events.


Natasha is an experienced, innovative and entertaining public speaker who has a unique ability to present information in a light hearted manner regarding life experiences that can ultimately be quite a dark period of one’s life.


Natasha Lakaev Portrait #4_2015