A Four Part Webinar Series on the topic of Resolving Vilification is now available for registration to attend in 2016.


Each Webinar of the four part series is two hours long and will follow the similar topics for the four days of the Workshops. However, the content will not be as detailed as the workshops due to the time limitations of a webinar.


Specific Information on the Content of these Webinars is available here.


For information on the specific Dates and Times for the Webinars see here. 


For the Registration Fees see here and Booking and Payment to attend the workshop see here.


For Terms and Conditions see here.


Information on the Presenter for the workshop is available here.


8 hours of CPD Activity are available to Professionals that attend all four webinars, or 4 hours of CPD Activity are available for those that only attend the first two webinars in the series.


A Certificate of Attendance will be provided to participants that attend the webinars. See more information here.


A hard copy of the brochure and fax registration form can be downloaded and printed here for distribution at your workplace, clinic, university or school.