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"Awe Inspiring.  Pioneering!!  Life Changing. Best Professional Development Ever.

Too much to explain. Thank you for your energy and your generosity.

Words can't explain the value of this. Far exceeded expectations.Let's start a Union!"

L.  04/06/2015


"The course is the best PD I’ve done. Natasha’s knowledge, intelligence and

resilience is second to none."    

L.  15/07/2015


"I have been helped in understanding the issue and ideas for self help. I gained the skill

of recognising the attributes related to my own experience and how to manage the

ramification. I now have the means to recognise the issue in clients and colleagues

to have a structure with which to assist them. Thank You."  

R.  05/06/2015


"The knowledge about the topic was worked through practical examples.

Liked the personal experience of the presenter and admire her courage to fight it all.

Well Done, I would recommend it to other Psychologists."

 D.  04/06/2015


" A much deeper understanding of the mind/body interface and a clearer view of

many of my clients. I now have a new model to use on myself and my client."  

 D.  04/06/2015                  


"Refreshing, constructive, critical approach of Psychology, which is important to any

evolving discipline.Good combination of understanding/approaches, with Psychology

understanding. Refreshing to have Chinese medicine/Naturopathic thinking included.

Refreshing understanding of bullying, vilification and false allegations. Confirmed my

thinking and really built on my knowledge especially with brain health and post

notification effect and care needed."              

     S.  04/06/2015


"I realise I have had a number of clients who have been vilified and previously saw it

as workplace bullying, schoolyard etc. Good to have a broader concept. Gave me a

better understanding of what is happening for me, widened my options, reinforced my

resolve to devote more energy to self-care and less to making responses. Although I

am staggered by the extent of corruption and dismayed by it, learning more about

it has helped me immensely. There are many benefits I have gained from this workshop.

A wider view that covers my clients and self. A framework to argue vilification, to

make choices, has been excellent."                      

  C.  23/04/2015                                                                            


“I liked that CBT, Narrative Therapy, DBT, Self Psychology etc. were all part of the


  E.  23/04/2015


"I think that the huge amount of work that the leader availed herself of has been of

great import. I am sorry that I was not available to attend the 3rd and 4th days. In

general the 2 days that I attended did meet my expectations and I can apply the

learning to help clients.. I have gained further insights into vilification, and am keen

to learn more, in order to assist clients. Thank you."

 A.  01/05/2015


"An opportunity to gain a broader perspective of the range of impacts and the

complexity of the issues."      

  J.  27/04/2015


"The workshop really changed my perspective and I started meeting people that

were also dealing with similar vilification issues as me."  

  R. 15/07/2015