The following questions provide an insight into how vilification may be relevant to you and how the workshop or webinars on vilification may be of benefit:


1) Have you ever been vilified or worried about vilification by a client, patient, student or colleague? A common avenue is exaggerated or false complaint/s to governing or ethical bodies within the workplace or at a Federal level.


2) Have you ever been concerned about the actions of a possible Personality Disordered Individual within your practice, workplace, academic institution or corporation? What are your  options?


3) Have you ever partaken in, or witnessed a colleague or student, being vilified/bullied and then later found out it was untrue? What can you do about this?


4) What do you do if you have been the victim of, or witnessed a student, client, patient or colleague, being vilified/bullied in the social media, TV, newspaper or radio media, or by your national governing body, or other published media or through unwarranted or malicious gossip?


5) Do you find it difficult to empathise with those that have been vilified or bullied as you have never experienced it? Find out what the long term  possible implications are for those that have been vilified or bullied.


6) What can you do if you have or are being vilified or bullied? How do you repair your reputation among colleagues, within your social circle and family life after vilification?


7) If you have been vilified or bullied how do you ratify the experience especially when you may have had no support, nowhere to turn and refused/pressured out of a right of reply?


8) What is Tall Poppy Syndrome and what can you do when it is activated?